Homeowners Insurance Tips When Dealing With Hurricanes In Florida

November 9, 2022

Florida is known for being a sunny and hot destination spot to vacation for the summers and having enjoyable winter months while other states are experiencing cold weather conditions. However, dealing with hurricanes is one of the not so attractive sides to the sunshine state.

We saw the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian in September 2022. The Category 4 storm knocked out power to more than four million customers in Florida and caused tragic deaths and extensive damage to the southwest coast of Florida.

Hurricane season usually lasts from June 1st to November 30th and tropical storm Nicole has decided to sneak its way over just close to the end of the season expecting to become a Category 1 Hurricane.

No matter what category, there is always the threat of damage to your home so it is important to be prepared to have everything ready in case there is a need to file an insurance claim:

Before a storm: It is best practice to have paper copies made of insurance policies stored in waterproof cases or Ziploc bags. Also, have your polices saved online or a memory disk so they may be accessible from a computer.

  • Be sure to take photos and videos of the outside and inside of your home, as well as valuable items, such as appliances, and electronics. Note the makes, models, and serial numbers.

After a storm: Assess your home for any damage. You may need to make urgent repairs to prevent further damage (such as covering a broken window) and secure the property from any theft. Immediately report damage by filing a claim with your insurance company.

  • Take photos of the damage documenting as much as possible, including water lines if flood damage.
  • File an insurance report. This can usually be done via a 1-800 number or online portal if internet is accessible.
  • Keep any receipts used to make self repairs or additional living expenses for "loss of use" of a property, such as hotel stays.
  • Track dates, times and conversations of any claims adjusters or contractors you encounter.

For more information on filing a claim, visit your homeowners insurance company's website or call their customer service number.

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