Ready to buy a home? What Next?


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The Huber Group is here to help you with your real estate needs! We're sure you've already started your research by going on Google and searching homes for sale in South Florida. That may be how you came across our site ! That's fantastic! 

So now what should you do?

If you've already been pre-approved for a mortgage, BONUS!!!!! Next, you should hire a Realtor AKA The Huber Group (wink wink). We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to real estate, finding you the right homes to look for, putting in strong offers, negotiating, and holding your hand each step of the way until closing day!

It's very common for people to distrust real estate agents. That might be why you landed on our website. You're trying to do the research on your own because the person you were working with isn't doing their due diligence to work in your best interest.

There is also a misconception that if you don't use a Realtor, you don't have to pay them. WRONG!! Commission is not paid by the buyer. It is paid by the seller. As the buyer's agent, our time spent searching and showing homes to you, keeping in contact with lenders, the title company and listing agent to ensure a smooth closing, are all FREE to YOU!

It is also wise to hire a Realtor even when thinking about purchasing new construction. Now you may think, "Why don't I just go to the builder myself?" Great question! Understand the builder is all about the $$$. They're a business so it makes sense. They want to gain the most profit. Remember, a Realtor will work in YOUR best interest. There is no need to think that the builder is going to give you a better deal. That's simply not the way it works. When you work with The Huber Group, we have connections with all of the local builders, especially located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. We are extremely familiar with the builders, floor plans, pricing, required deposits, time completion to build, incentives with upgrade options or credits to closing costs! I'm telling you, we know our stuff! So let US help you explore your options before walking into a model home and speaking with the builder first. 

Now that you're ready to buy, let's get you started. Contact The Huber Group today at 772-301-8524.